Friday, August 8, 2014

New Iner-city Bus Numbers from 18th. August 2014

It will be changed some of Jeju inter-city bus numbers from 18th. August 2014. Major changes are #700 is divided by 701(west) and 702(east), some of branch numbers for not to be confused

As following is major inter-city bus map of all Jeju. It has several numbers of 700s.

You can see as followings in detail things in Korean.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to check Jeju bus schedule

Jeju bus system is little complicated for you to understand them completely. But, you can use Daum Maps, Korean famous map app.

 Download:  Google Play   -   Apple Appstore

Although you cannot read Korean characters, it's very simple to use this app. Turn on your GPS and you can see bus icon near by your place. If you click this icon, you can find buses to be arrived at this stop.

 You can find bus no. and arrival time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jeju Bus Tour West Course

The west side of Jeju island is famous of beautiful natures and various fun places together. I want to recommend just three stops and you can enjoy long time with each places.

(Click image to enlarge)

08:00 starting in JEJU CITY(702)
If you go bound for west, you go to inter-city bus terminal after 2 bus stops of city bus. You can get in #700 bound for Hyupjae beach at 08:00 in terminal.

08:50 arrive at HYUPJAE BEACH(702)
After geeting off bus, you can see most beautiful emerald color beach for walking 2 minutes. You have to take a picture with backound of Biyang-do.

09:30 arrive at Hallym Park
If you want to see every shots of Jeju island, I recommend this park eastablishing in 1973. It includes two laba caves, volcanic stones, folk village and botonic garden with animals for kids. It takes at least 1~2 hours to cover all of parks. You can have early lunch in folk village with Jeju traditional foods.

12:00 deparure from Hallym Park(702)
You can get in #700 bus again in bus stop to west.

13:00 arrive at SANBANGSAN(702)
After arriving at Sanbangsan, you can go up to temple or to Yongmeori coastline with fantastic scenne of volcanic stuctures. It takes 10 minutes toward sea near by Hamel memorial house. It takes one half hour to go around coastline. And then take a bus again and go to Jungmun tour complex.

15:00 arrive at JUNGMUN TOUR COMPLEX(702)
You can have a fun time in Jungmun to see various kinds of museum as like Yeomiji botanic garden, Teddybear, Alive and Believe or Not museum. You can go Hyatt hotel with nice sea viea or duty free shop in Silla and Lotte Hotel. It's nice places to be enjoyed for forieners to stay at least 2~3 hours. You can take a bus #780 or #600 back to direct Jeju city and have a dinner at city area as like black pork in Hukdonga.

19:00 arrive at JEJU CITY(780 or 600)

If you're not interested in Jungmun area, you can go direct to Seoguipo city area.  Please refer to as following link to understand Jeju's bus system.

How to access Jeju tour spots by public bus routes