Friday, July 4, 2014

Jeju Bus Tour - East Course

If you want to have a trip public inter-city bus, It's very convenient and cheap. Of course, it's very adventure for the first visitor! But, most of Korean is very kind and you can get helps from them when you're trouble.

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08:00 start in JEJU CITY (701)
There is the inter-city bus stop to bound for East. You can easily find opposite bus stop when you return back. You can get in #701 bound to Hamdeok beach at 08:00 in Namseokwang Maul.

08:30 arrive at HAMDEOK BEACH (701)
After getting off bus, you can see one of beautiful emerald color beach for walk 5 minutes. You have to take a picture from there. Hurry to get 09:12 depature from HAMDEOK BEACH (701).

09:26 arrive at KIMNYEONG (701)
If you want to get Manjang Cave, you have to transfer 701 to 900. Don't forget to touch your T-money card for free transfer. You can see yellow bus. Please remember you have to wait long time in case of missing this bus. (If you do, take a taxi. Just USD 5 to cave) #900 departure from KIMNYEONG at 09:30

09:39 arrive at MANGANG CAVE (900)
Manjang cave has 1 km trail course and it takes just 1 hour to return back. If you have a time, there is the Kimnyeong maze park. You can enjoy this and departure from MANGJANG CAVE (900) at 11:29 and get off two stop later at Enterance of M/C.

11:40 departure from Enterance of M/C(701)
You can get in #701 bus again in bus stop.

12:14 arrive at SEONGSAN (701)
After arriving at Seoungsan, go first climbing to ILCHULBONG (40 min) and have a lunch with (30 min).

14:00 departure to UDO (ship)
It takes just 15 min. to walk from Ilchulbong to Seongsan port to go UDO. Every ship departure every O'clock. So you have to arrive there before 13:45. It takes just 15 minutes to Udo by ship. In Udo, you can take a ATV, electronic bike or bike. I recommend electronic bike (USD 20 per 2 hour). You can get around all of island within just 1 hour half min. You must come back to port for taking ship again. 16:00 departure from UDO (ship)

16:24 departure from SEONGSAN (701)
After arriving at port, you walk to #701 bus stop and get in this line again.

16:50 arrive at PYOSEON BEACH (701)
You have to go Jeju Folk Village the fist before 17:00 because it closes 18:00. I think it's sufficient time to see all for 1 hour.
  - siteseeing JEJU FOLK VILLAGE (1 hour)
  - hangout in HAEBITCHI RESORT (40 min)
  -  Dinner with Jeju black pork (1 hour)

20:00 departure from PYOSEON (720-1 or 720-2)
You can get in #720 bus to Jeju city and may be arrive at 21:00 near by my house.

Please refer to as following link to understand Jeju's bus system.

How to access Jeju tour spots by public bus routes

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