Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to ride the # 100 bus at the airport

If you land at Jeju International Airport, you can reach my home via local public bus #100. I want to guide how you get in bus and off in my house.

 1. Please find GATE #2 after exit from taking your baggage.

2. Please Turn left to find local bus stops. Left side is bound for Old city.

3. Please check #100 bus arrival time. Every 15 minutes.

4. Please Get off "남서광마을(Namsekwang Maul)"

It's just 7 stops from airport and 2 stops from Inter-city Bus terminal. After getting off, it takes just 4 min. walking. You can find my home's GPS positions from airbnb.

Mostly, we pick you up in airport and get in bus together. Please let us know if you have trouble.

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